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In February 2015 at the National Day of Prayer and Fasting in Canberra, Australia, a special service took place. Church leaders stood up and shared publicly their pain, shame and hurt for the things that have happened in the past under the watch of their organisations.

Survivor, Mark Stiles then shared his journey of abuse and healing through Christ, and then the leaders proceeded to wash his feet and his wife’s feet as a public demonstration of humble repentance on the issue. This event was broadcast live via satellite TV and via the Internet across the nation.

A small production team was formed prior to the event, to film some interviews from other survivors who were attending the national day of prayer. The initial plan was to produce a short video of the repentance service for distribution through various channels.

While filming the interviews it was realised that child sexual abuse was a huge issue throughout the nation. The production team regroup and decided to create a full length documentary on the issue, to help raise awareness of the pain and suffering that victims go through. It was from this desire that Humble Hope the documentary was created.

The Humble Hope documentary doesn’t focus on the politics or statistics of sexual abuse, rather it focuses on the stories of survivors, helping viewers to understand the guilt, shame and blame that was experienced.

It follows the journey of a few survivors, the abuse they received, their suffering, their healing and their willingness to forgiveness, which has given them true freedom from the past and hope for their future.